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The “Fédération des PACT” is the French national federation of the so-called ‘PACT Movement’, the first network of associations to help individual and families improving their housing and living conditions. Founded in the 1940’s by a small group of volunteers who decided to take in their own hands the fate of families and individuals around them living in appalling conditions, the network today boosts some 145 member associations and organisations throughout France. The Pact Arim associations rely on over 2,400 volunteers (community representatives, professionals, members of the public…) and employ 2,200 people (architects, planners, sociologists, construction engineers, social workers…).

The Movement’s activities focus on the existing housing stock. Each year, it aims at improving housing conditions for approx. 70,000 families, securing work contracts worth 1 billion Euros, i.e. 30,000 direct and indirect jobs in the construction industry, and entering into 1,200 formal partnerships with local authorities. A number of these associations maintain some 18,000 properties for deprived families who often require individual support and needs-tailored tenancy agreements.

Beyond figures, the PACT Network contributes to minimising and containing social exclusion. It also sees for better inclusion since housing is a, if not the, corner stone in any successful inclusion process, any sustainable social life, any long-term personal realisation.

Building on its many commitments in France with those among us who are the most fragile and at risk as well as a long-standing interest for housing globally, the ‘PACT Movement’, via a number of its member associations, has struck many an international solidarity and exchange partnership, in Europe, North Africa, Latin America and Sub-Saharian, Western Africa. These partnerships concern themselves essentially with existing housing improvement and neighbourhood regeneration issues.

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Fédération des PACT, 27 Rue de la Rochefoucauld 75009 PARIS
Tel : 00 (33) 1 42 81 97 70
Fax : 00 (33) 1 40 23 93 06
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